We are Restorers touching lives in our communities for salvation with a restoration mandate message over the past 20 years of ministerial excellence.  We believe you are a unique gift of God with a unique call and purpose for God’s work!

Our Mission is to transform God's people through the teaching and instructions in God's word, and to spread The Word through global evangelism for the restoration of God's people. We build a network of Christian leaders as keen stewards of God's purposes and build disciples in every nation to fulfill God's purposes. We seek to rekindle everyone's spiritual life through our fervent Prayer Ministry and working of the Holy Spirit. We are passionate about building healthy and Godly families and through God's love with gifted hands of fellowship we engage our communities.

Join us today, to win souls for Christ and revive lives through the Holy Ghost Fire.  

(Restoration assembly: Ibadan, Nigeria)

(FRMI,New York: youth ministry having fun with their youth pastor)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

(Restoration Family: Staten Island, New York)