Archbishop Emmanuel Ojo-Powerson, His Grace is a generous and loving family man to the core, that is passionate about helping the people of the World; He loves to watch wrestling and is considered a world traveler. He is married to Reverend Victoria Ojo-Powerson, who is a pastor for Holy Ghost Royal House of Restoration that is in Staten Island, NY. They are both blessed from God with children and beautiful grandchildren.

Over the past 30 years of ministry, His Grace and the ministry have thrived in revival through global evangelism. They train pastors and church workers around the world and also provide personal discipleship to young pastors and guidance for church leaders to apostolic callings.

He pastored and operated as International Director of Evangelism of Faith Restoration Center, Inc. under Titular Bishop Gaudencio Soriano and Bishop Slyvia MP Jordan from 1983 – 1989. Through his avid prayer life, in 1986 he received the restoration mandate which is: To restore God's family and enable them to abide in Christ and let Christ abide in them through which they become human edifice (John 17:23). In 1994, to follow through with the mission mandate and to be obedient to God’s call, Archbishop Emmanuel Ojo-Powerson founded Family Restoration Ministries Inc. As the Senior Pastor for Holy Ghost Royal of Restoration, he bears the flagship of Restoration to transform lives for Christ.

In 2000, He started a Worldwide Evangelistic Ministry, the goal being to reach out to millions of lives with the Gospel through Emmanuel Powerson Ministries. Then, in 2002, His Grace founded The Leadership Vision Integrity Institute, a scholastic division to provide didactic biblical Christian knowledge and skills for church leaders and workers. Not only is he involved with the Evangelistic Ministry and the Leadership Institute, but he is also the president and founder of The Global Congress of Bishops! It is a non-profit corporation established to develop and coordinate Apostolic Ministries internationally, surrounding Bible Training and Evangelistic Training Centers, and Bible Colleges.

He is an acclaimed author of several books on diverse keen Christian topics surrounding Healthy Family, Dreams, Spiritual Warfare, Angels, and so much more.

Archbishop Emmanuel Ojo-Powerson is anointed by the Holy Spirit to deliver and transform peoples' lives for the glory of God.