2018 my year of efficacies of the blood of Jesus. 

A year of apostolic advance. A year of excellency of His majesty. 


December 1st, 2017. 


The pictures of the year 2018. 

2018 will be a year of 'everything at once'. All hell will break loose and all of heaven will break loose, but heaven is greater than hell. I sense the presence of a great cloud of heavenly witnesses, including family members, standing to cheer us on this coming year. The eyes of heaven are upon us, waving checkered flags in the distance.

The heavens are shouting, "Don't lose your excitement for what God has called you to do. Your excitement excites Him and activates the angels among you. Excitement is a powerful weapon against the enemy, as it ties his hands.

A challenging year is ahead. It will seem like everything is happening at the same time. People will be saying, "It's always something. It's always something," in a negative tone. On the other hand, if we stay focused on the Lord, we will be saying, "He's always doing something. He's always doing something good, in spite of the situation."


Extreme Trials and Extreme Victories

It will be a year like Houston being hit by a hurricane and winning the World Series. Extreme tests and extreme victories. Tests will bring them on. Priorities will change as these challenges show up.

I hear the Father saying, "Batten Down the Hatches." This is an expression amidst contact sports athletes in the United States. I sense this means the prayer closet will become a very important place in our lives. "Batten down the hatches," I sense, refers to closing the door on distractions as we not only pray but listen to him as he speaks to us.


This is the year stolen and lost virtues or valuables shall be recovered. 

This year unexpected resurrection shall evolve so as to fulfill God’s calling. This year 2018 mandates of evil dreams and nightmares shall backfire on its source. This is the year that 15 years of pain shall be converted into much gain if you make God your number 1 priority.


2018 is the year of supernatural occurrence for those who walk by the written and spoken Word of God

Complainers and critical mindset will suffer big. This is the year all evil mistletoes shall fall off from the chosen and the elects that focuses on kingdom purposes. All your lands          and that of your enemies. I shall reward everyone according to their walks and works with me. I am the Lord I shall heal your land.


This will be a year when mighty men and mighty women will rise up because they've killed a bear, a lion or a giant, for these have come to make us strong. A sort of crisis will rear its head in the middle base on certain long time pending deal. A prophecy fulfilled. What the whole world blindsided by God of Israel. God says, "They will be your nourishment, your bread, your sustenance."  We will get to eat honey out of the belly of the lion. We will see what a lion's fur looks like hanging in our house, and we will see the heads of giants on gold platters. I see bear rugs, lion furs and giants' heads laid all over the place in your house. These will be trophies awarded to those who didn't give up the good fight of faith.

I hear directly from the Father asking, "How hungry are you? When you get hungry enough, you get to eat giants! The giants aren't showing up to take you out, they're showing up so you can eat them. Eat your giants today. They are your nourishment. They are your bread and sustenance. Giants are the breakfast of champions."

"Only do not rebel against the Lord, nor fear the people of the land because they are bread for us. Their defense is gone from them, and the Lord is with us. Do not fear them" (Num. 14:9).

As I begin to pray and to consult God what to say for the new year of 2018, I keep hearing God, “Say I will do a new thing that all the ears that hear it shall tingle.” (1 Samuel 3: 11)

I believe that God is saying that He is getting ready to work a work that all shall see. They will not even believe it even though it be told to them.

As we all know, Habakkuk was a prophet who was concerned about the troubles that had come upon the people, and so God had to send him a word of encouragement as to what was going on with all the chaos in the land so God gave him a prophetic word to encourage him and said, “Behold ye among the heathen, and regard, and wonder marvelously: for I will work a work in your days which ye will not believe, though it be told you.”   Habakkuk 1:5.

I believe the LORD is saying to me that many are living in despair and they are anxious and fearful about their future and the future of our country.

Because of this, the LORD is speaking a word of encouragement for me to give to the people for 2018.



December 23rd, 2017

Last night after night vigil, as I lay in my bed, the LORD showed me a dream about consecrating a person as an Apostle, but as I looked in the dream, I saw a strange thing. I saw the man I was about to promote into presbytery office of an Apostle, drunk and smoking.

In the dream I said, “Here I am again about to make another horrible mistake, so I am not going to ordain him as an Apostle!” and out of the dream a man in white-cream like cassock (I believe to be the Holy Spirit) spoke to me and said, “Do not worry. I AM going to deliver him from much and it will be okay!” Keep doing what I have called you to do. 

As I got up in the morning, prayed and meditate on the dream, the LORD began to say to me that he had called many to do a work for Him, and that they were not perfect. I don’t call the perfect I know their weaknesses before I call them. The most important thing to me is that they embrace the calling. Look carefully, you will see they are not perfect but called by me including you Powerson. I allowed so much to happen to you and around you because of where I am taking you.

I said, “Who LORD?”  He said, David was not perfect, a womanizer and he killed Uriah to take his wife and I called him and still proclaim him “a man after my own heart”. He said, “Jonah was not perfect and I called him.”

He said to me, “Moses killed (murdered the Egyptian) a man and I called him.”  He said, “Jacob was a liar and deceiver and I called him.”

He said, “Saul of Tarsus was killing the Saints and I called him!”

The LORD went on and on…. but what helped me the most was that God said to me that many are worried about President Trump and what he will do. But God said, fear not, He has a plan and a purpose that He wants to fulfill as He uses Trump, to fulfill it.

How long the LORD will continue to use him, He did not say, but what He did say to me is, “Trust me for the process!”

Habakkuk worried about the violence, the contention, and how the law was slacked and it seemed no one cared or was obeying the laws of the land.  But God spoke to me and said, “Tell the people for 2018, I AM doing a new thing and all who hear and live to see it, their ears shall tingle!”


For 2018 has the number 2, 0, 1, 8 which equals 11.

The number 2 is going to be a witness for all who live to see the work that God is about to accomplish; who have a Godly intimate relationship with God to discern what He is doing in the times and seasons; who have a relationship in the body of Christ and who will not allow the enemy to come into divide and conquer the work of God.

The number 1 will represent a new beginning, unity, and order for those who will trust God for the process.

The number 8 is also going to be a new beginning for many, because they will start the New Year off doing a great work for the LORD as He leads and guides them into helping to fulfill His plans and His purpose for what He wants to do in our families, Churches and our nations, like He did Habakkuk.

However, this will come with a total surrendering of one’s life by dying to self and allowing Christ’s resurrection power, to take control of what He wants to do for this New Year.

Last but not least, the total (2+0+1+8=11) of these numbers, which is the number 11, is for God doing a complete and final work in the year of 2018, which is to deal with chaos, confusion, and contention in our families, the church, and even our government.

God is a God of both law and order, as well as justice. 


December 27th, 2017.

In this year 2018, it is the Resurrection power that all believers must apply, apply it at all fronts, be secured in the efficacy of the blood and the power of His Resurrection alone. If you owe God anything, such as vows, pledges, personal covenant you have the whole year to pay it back. Ecclesiastes 5:6. I am the Lord. 

Get ready to see the hands and the strong arm of the LORD move in the year of 2018 on your behalf.

Remember, Moses as they were fighting their enemies, “Moses answered the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the LORD will bring you today.

 And, the Egyptians you see today you will never see again!”   Exodus 14:13.

That is what I believe the LORD is saying to His people for 2018.


December 28, 2018

Be very sensitive to the Spirit of God this coming year. Cover the womb of each day, week, and month with the blood of Jesus Christ and oil of favor and success. There are many supernatural blessings filled up for the year.

O Lord redeem me back, with your redemptive grace. Acts 20:27-28 and Exodus 30:11-16.

This year the devil and his cohorts will not eat what belongs to me. Redemptive seed and covenant is personal and a must.


December 29th. 

I see so many protest in western nations. I see people challenging major countries and powers of the world. The United Nations would have to hold emergency meetings over certain issues that might lead to war. World power nations would be confronted over situations in Africa this year. The time of rage has begun. 


Every member of FRMI and the network of churches must engage in first 40 days of the year night vigil from 12 midnight to 1am in individual houses. However; this does not affect corporate night vigil days for those churches that do it. Also in the region that find it convenient, it is also permitted to make the 40 days corporate night vigil if the leader desires. The focus is to silence and quench the rage of the enemies. This night vigil will last from January 1st to February 9th. 2018. Anyone who can fast should fast till 12 Noon but the night time prayer is a must. Let intercessors gather strongly and pull the hands of God down for miracles, manifestation of destiny success and advancement of each church. Pull His hands down to work unusual testimonies. Pray vehemently for your spiritual parents and leaders as Leviathan is out to strike. I will protect and defend them. I am the Lord.








  1. This year, I decree and declare that those who will place their complete and total trust and faith in God and what He is doing, will soar like an eagle!


  1. This year I decree no storm can drain the water inside the coconut, no situation shall subdue us in the name of Jesus.


  1. I prophesy that God is going to take you to new levels and new heights (destiny) in the LORD and all who see what God has done for you, their ears shall tingle because of it.


  1. Though your enemies will not believe it or understand it,I prophesy that God shall grant you both wisdom and favor with all whom he assigned you to partner with for the year of 2018, so that He can both prosper you and favor you, to take you into your divine destiny! Meaning, they may not like you or respect you, but they will respect the anointing that God has placed upon your life.


  1. I prophesy that because of your obedience and faith in God, that He will continue to bless you and to fight for you! And just like the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, that you will not break rank even when you may not, or do not, understand God’s plan.


  1. That you will continue to trust and to seek God for both wisdom and knowledge for the times and the seasons and that God will continue to grant you both wisdom and knowledge with an Issachar anointing in this season!  Just as He did for the prophet Habakkuk who consulted him.


  1. The Book of Habakkuk affirms that God is a sovereign and an omnipotent God who has all things under control. We just need to be still and know He is at work, and that God is who He says He is, and He does keep His promises.


  1. He will punish the wicked – even when we cannot see it.  He is still on the throne of the universe.


Because of this, we need to stay focused on this for the year of 2018